17 May 2016

Things I love about blogging


Having a blog where I share my experience with others is one of the many reasons to do more, see more and travel more. To give my readers fresh and interesting content, I always keep my eyes open and try to find inspiration everywhere I go. The need to discover new places, things and topics I can write about gives me even more motivation to plan a lot of exciting trips and events. Even finding new spots for photoshoots or visiting a new restaurant can turn into an experience that’s worth sharing with others. In the end, my biggest wish is to pass on that inspiration and help others with any tips I’ve learned.


Maybe some bloggers see others as competitors and perceive this as some kind of contest or even a fight. I’m definitely not one of them. I really enjoy reading other blogs and I feel amazed by people who have succeeded in this “unserious-job” field, because I know how hard it is to keep up an interesting, fresh and visually appealing blog. I feel huge inspiration by a lot of bloggers, especially those women who embody individuality, unique approach to style and genuine personality. Blogging gives us a chance to communicate to others who have similar taste, style or point of view. The worst thing we can do is compare ourselves to others. There are no better or worse. We are all unique, and that’s why life is so amazing. Enjoy and be proud about your differences, maybe you will inspire someone!


Yes, social media can be a huge time thief. But, if managed properly, it can also help us. It eases interaction with others and definetly opens up a lot of new possibilities. I love the freedom and communication possibilities social media gives us. I never know what tomorrow could bring, who could notice my blog or offer an exciting collaboration project. I love that feeling and this is one of the main reasons I enjoy sharing all my creative ideas, vision and sense of style. You never know who is watching and who could notice you!


Fashion, art, design and everything in between has always been in my life. From sketching outfits as a kid and studying interior design, to modelling and working in a fashion brand…this industry still excites me in all it’s possible forms. So, keeping up with fashion news and trends would be my on my daily list whether I would be blogging or not. But putting together outfits, trying different looks and always looking for inspiration maybe wouldn’t. That’s why I enjoy this part of blogging so much. Also, it helps me to pay more attention to details and my own personal style. Hopefully, I can also inspire you to try different things and, most importantly, have fun while dressing up!

Things I love about bloggingThings I love about bloggingIMG_8793Things I love about bloggingThings I love about blogging


I love the delicate pastel colour combination which is accented with my favourite khaki vest. You may have seen it before, I wore it here. Everything else in this outfit is very versatile and easy to wear, especially the nude sandals which I can’t wait to wear with so many different summer outfits. If you love the strappy sandal style, buy them here – you won’t believe the price!

 Thanks for visiting! Love, Agnese xx

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  • love this look!! those sandals are awesome! I agree with everything you wrote about blogging, especially the opportunities and great people you meet!

    • Thank you, Yuka! Shoes are from Mango, so affordable and comfortable! Love them.

  • Uuuuh what an awesome look! Love the combination of the bright colors and the shoes are absolutely gorgeous! You look so beautiful! :)

  • In love with those sandals!

    Jazzria x