27 November 2015


How to recharge after a long & stressful week?

take a break
take a breath
take a walk

       That is my idea of the perfect getaway. Loads of fresh air, view of turquoise blue sea and peaceful mind. Life gets so much better if you learn how to appreciate the most simple things in life. For me all it takes to forget everyday problems and get back on track is some quality time with my loved ones, good music, good food, but above it all – chance to enjoy a refreshing  walk by the sea. No matter what kind of lifestyle we lead, balance and emotional health is the key point for our everyday well-being. So finding a way to relax and reload on positive emotions is very important. As for me, feeling energised and full of creativity is a must every day,  I try to use my weekends the right way. It is nice to live in a city so live and dynamic as Barcelona, but sometimes it can get too intense. Thankfully the sea is just 15 min walk from our home and the picturesque Costa Brava is not far also. Last Sunday we took advantage of it and spent the day enjoying the magnificent landscape of Costa Brava coastal line. Perfect weekend getaway.








       For me, weekends are also days to skip make-up and wear my most soft &  clothes. Who doesn’t love another excuse to put on the comfortable sneakers and not worry about messing up your hair?! Now, let’s go out to see what this day will bring us and enjoy the beautiful weekend we have well deserved. See you again on Monday!


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