HOW TO DECORATE WITH WHITE The colour of all colours. The most common, but the most capricious. Summer is the season when white triumphs in our clothing regime, and thankfully, it is kind of easy colour to wear. However, it is not that simple to decorate with white. Although it seems like an easy colour that […]



Metallic accessories are one of my all time favourite ways to style up interior. My love for good jewellery is no secret and I often accessories my outfits with golden details. But this time, let’s focus on home decor and interiors. Copper home decor has already been in the trend scene for some 2 years now, but it doesn’t […]



// Today, I woke up very happy, because I knew that two beautiful things are waiting for me to take them out  – Karl Lagerfeld Geo Stone Gloves and Marc Jacobs leather tote. I have always loved black leather accessories, and these two are my personal favourites for this season. These items are very high in quality, I […]


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // I admire black. In my world, black is the most elegant, chic and sensuous colour from them all. There was a time in my life, when I had only black clothes and accessories in my closet, listened to Placebo, Nirvana and Johnny Cash and was living the big teenager crisis.. :) Now, when I am in […]

Cosy Monday

I now it’s Monday morning and I should be posting motivating pictures or morning workout inspiration, but all I can think about is things that cheer me up in dark and rainy days like this. Wouldn’t it be nice to roll up in a big soft cardigan, read your favourite book all day and enjoy a […]

Jeans + silver

// I love having at least one pair of perfectly fitting jeans, but I would always find a free space in my closet for some more :)  Jeans are so perfect, because they are easy to accessorise, comfortable and practical to wear. And every season surprises us with new or forgotten colours and shapes of […]