12 May 2016

Spanish Inspired Interior



From fashion and culture, to home décor and interiors – this week it’s all about that Spanish vibe here. As I mentioned in my previous post, vibrant colours are a trademark of Spanish culture. But how to take a piece of the colour filled world and bring it in your own home? Inspired by Spanish nature, culture and people, I’ve rounded up some simple home decor ideas that will give your home a fresh look and cheerful ambience. From bright coloured walls, to fun patterns and graphic rugs, here are 5 simple ways to achieve the vivid Spanish spirit. Inspire from my tips and let your own creativity do the rest.  Enjoy!


I love how saturated, soft and deep colours highlight the texture of any upholstery furniture. Colours like green, blue, yellow and orange will give the most crisp and Spanish look. One sofa, or an accent chair in bold colour and the job is done!

Spanish Inspired InteriorSpanish Inspired InteriorSpanish Inspired Interior


Prints are conquering not only fashion world, but also home design and accessory field. And, they are definitely not for kid rooms only. It’s a trendy and easy way to give any room a summer vibe and stylish upgrade.

Spanish Inspired InteriorSpanish Inspired InteriorSpanish Inspired Interior


This is THE colour if you want to create warm, positive environment and fill your home with never-ending energy. But be careful with orange shades in your bedroom decor, it’s better to leave this bright tone for kitchen and living space.

Spanish Inspired InteriorSpanish Inspired InteriorSpanish Inspired Interior


If you want to keep your central living space subtle and low-key, but still want to bring some sunshine in your home, use your bathroom. Make it your sanctuary. A room where you escape reality, relax and dream about warm summer evenings. Traditional Portuguese tiles are a must!

Spanish Inspired Interior Spanish Inspired Interior Spanish Inspired Interior


It takes only one eclectic accessory to turn any room from casual to bohemian chic. Use a colourful graphic pattern rug to create that southern, cheerful ambience!

Spanish Inspired InteriorSpanish Inspired Interior

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

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