Sofitel Hotel In Warsaw

15 October 2015


We have finally arrived in Paris. It was not an easy trip and it was not fast, but 2300 km are now behind us and we have a whole week in Paris to recharge and get ready for Barcelona.

The toughest part driving from Latvia to any country in Southern Europe is Poland, of course. If You have ever experienced the never-ending, tiresome car ride with endless grey scenes that can even make you depressed, I think you know what I mean. Thank God for coffee, iPod and Mcdonalds that made our road trip more bearable. But the most enjoyable part from all was the nice hotels we had booked ahead and knew that were waiting for us. Our first stop was  Sofitel Luxury Hotel Warsaw. And just the thought of that extra large bed and even bigger breakfast menu made my mind calm.

I really love to discover new destinations and stay in places that can offer me something more that just a shelter for a night.  I seek ideas and inspiration everywhere I go and I believe that every restaurant, bar or hotel widens our horizons and aesthetic experience.

As for this particular hotel, there were 2 things I was looking forward the most – SPA area with pool and the large breakfast that my boyfriend had praised for the last month :)


Here are some pictures I managed to take despite our late arrival and huge exhaustion.


The reception area. Water fountain and warm colour scheme makes it really cozy and calming. As I entered this hotel I already felt  relaxed and welcomed.. and the feeling continued all stay.


The interior in our room was really tasteful and the bed was very comfortable as well. My favourite part were the purple chairs and golden lamps, that emphasize the luxury status the hotel should carry. There was nothing over the top or super glamorous, but everything was in the right place at the right time.



My favourite spot in the room :)


THE breakfast!


Little treat before sleep :)


Overall, I would recommend this hotel for everyone who appreciates good quality and high service. If you have to spend one night in Warsaw feel safe to choose Sofitel Luxury Hotel. My only recommendation would be to wake up very early to completely enjoy the Spa area as I did. The pool and the atmosphere in the SPA area was really magical. When I opened the door to it I entered a world full of candlelight, calming vanilla scents and refreshing pool with reflective mirror ceiling – EPIC, I know!!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me.. so I did not spoil my morning relaxation moment with taking pictures, but I used the time wisely and just enjoyed the moment.

Enjoy your own relaxation moment and have great day! :)


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