11 June 2016


Hi friends! How’s your weekend so far? Last 10 days have been a bless. I’ve spent time with my family and friends. Thanks to that now I feel charged with loads if positive energy. I’ve also eaten a loot of this – yes, that’s a traditional Latvian summer soup, you have to try it if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Home IS my favorite place on earth, and I hope it will always remain that way. As it happens often in June, Riga is all grey and very rainy. That means going out to take any photos would be a torture, so I decided to share something back from Barcelona. This nude skin tone dress is from one of my favourite online shops. NA – KD  is a super trendy online marketplace which unites a lot of stylish international fashion, accessory and beauty brands. They definitely know what we are looking for. I always find something new that catches my eye on their site. AND, check out their Instagram account, it just like a box of never-ending inspiration!

Here, I am wearing a simple, beige, stretch dress, which is not only unbelievably variable, but also super soft and comfortable. As for me, comfort and quality is means a lot, I really appreciate the soft texture of the dress. It truly feels like second skin. Due to it’s neutral colour it can be worn with everything. And with a quick change of accessories, that’s one dress that can take your look from day to night.

What about you? Do you love skin tone and nude accessories?
How would you style a dress like this?


SKIN TONE DRESSSKIN TONE DRESSSKIN TONE DRESSone dress two different stylesone dress two different stylesone dress two different styles

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