Birthday in Paris.

20 October 2015


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Birthdays ARE a big deal and I will not pretend that growing up has made me less excited about them. I love all the attention, sweet and funny birthday wishes from friends, and I hope that grandma competition “the most early call possible” never ends. However, there is one thing that maturity brings – presents seem less important, but family and people you can gather around your special day means everything.

I knew that we will be somewhere between Riga and Barcelona on my 25th birthday and,  luckily for me we had decided to stay in Paris for a little longer and celebrate my birthday here. I was a little sad about the fact that I won’t  have my friends and family by my side as I enter the second quarter of the big 100, but my boyfriend had planned such an amazing day, that I didn’t have a second to feel bad about anything.

I decided not to keep all the details to myself and share some of my favourite moments with you. Here you go.

I woke up like this – roses and fresh cappuccino in bed. I knew at this moment that nothing could ruin my day.

DSC03500Next surprise – we went for a bike ride along Seine. It was really cold and windy, but so fun and exciting..worth the soar throat we have today :) After the thrilling ride, that warm tea and mocarella salad tasted like heaven in this cool cafe – Mozza & Co.

Then we went home to take a title nap and recover our energy levels. It’s my birthday after all, no one can stop me from eating sweets all day.


Getting ready for the surprise dinner..  For as long as I can remember I have always worn black dress for my birthday. Maybe next year I will change my habit, but not for now.

And the most beautiful present :)


Going out! Excited to see where my man will take me :)

DSC03588 Dinner time :) My food expectations are always high and I am a little picky, to say at least, but this time.. flawless!
DSC03600 DSC03596
Dinner was just the beginning of our fabulous night! Next stop – Moulin Rouge.  I didn’t expect something so spectacular at all, so you can only imagine how surprised and overwhelmed I was. The show was unbelievable.. so entertaining, chic and fun. Sparkles, glitters and pink plumage all over that place :) It is not allowed to take pictures during the show, and even if it was I could not take my eyes off the stage. We took some pictures after the show, went for a little midnight stroll in the streets of Paris and went home. I had never felt so spoiled and lucky like yesterday..I wish every girl to have a birthday like this and a person who can surprise you with things that you even didn’t know you would love so much. Priceless.



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