8 April 2016


English – Hey guys! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that yesterday I returned from London. It was a super quick trip with no other specific plans, than to meet my friends and see my favourite Latvian band perform on O2 Kentish town stage.  Brainstorm is the most popular and beloved latvian band ever. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check them out here. Live music and concerts serve as a retreat for me. I always feel reloaded with fresh energy, inspiration and emotions that can’t be taken away from me. This time was no exception. The show was energetic, patriotic and emotional, really worth going all the way to London.

London surprised me with spring, quite sunny weather and an exhibition I wasn’t expecting at all. I had an intention to visit the Victoria & Albert museum, but thanks to last-minute change of plans I came across National Portrait Gallery  and saw “Vogue 100: A Century of Style”. Fashion history is my biggest hobby and obsession immediatly after design and blogging, so you can only imagine my excitement for seeing this. The exhibition showcases the most remarkable anchor points and events in the history of British Vogue – magazine that has affected the fashion industry for 100 years and hasn’t lost it’s power to this day. I saw original magazine pages that tell about iconic fashion moments like Coco Chanel’s first collection and Christian Dior’s outbreak with “New Look”.  A selection of the most memorable Vogue covers are showcased, alongside the work of worlds most iconic fashion photographers. And, of course,  it wouldn’t be British Vogue without British trademark face Kate Moss. Countless Kate’s fans, including me, can jump from joy, because the very first cover and a LOT more of her is showcased. Overall, it was amazing to get an insight of the magical world of fashion and travel along the journey of Vogue. Seeing how fashion industry has always adapted to economical and political changes and how it reflects the prosperity, needs and trends of ever changing society was fascinating for me.

As always, spontaneous things turn out to me the most memorable. Thank you London for that, see you in June!


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Thank you for visiting!! Agnese xx

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