2 May 2016

beach life

One of past Sundays instead of eating our weekly brunch on the balcony we chose to enjoy a nice breakfast with a beautiful sea view. The fact that we had family over was another reason to go out and explore our nearby cafes. I have always dreamed about living next to sea or ocean. It’s so simple – water just makes me happy, it makes me feel alive. And now, living 10 minutes from the Barcelona beach feels like a dream come true. Every day I watch how the hues in water change depending on weather, wind and sunlight and I feel amazed of the beauty of nature. I could talk about the beauty of water for hours, but I don’t want to bore you too much.

So, lets get back to our walk and our happy breakfast moments. We went to this bar. It’s a short walking distance from our home and fortunately for us, has not only a wide private beach terrace, but also a nice food & cocktail menu. You don’t need anything more than a good croissant, fresh eggs, and sweet sparkling sangria to start a proper Spanish Sunday. That, and a lot more, is generously offered here – in Bambu Beach Bar. If you’re a smoothie lover or enjoy a soft greek yogurt with fresh wild berries (like I do), you will be blessed. Just don’t forget your daily glass os bubbly’re in Spain, after all.

As for my outfit, I’m wearing my warm weather staple – white ripped jeans and my beloved denim jacket which I already showed you in this post. And what could be a better beach walk footwear option than light and comfortable sneakers like my New Balance ones. Here are some more girly colour options from the new collections!


Thanks for reading :) AGNESE xx


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