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8 May 2016



Each year in the end of April, Barcelona holds a festival that celebrates music, dance, food and everything in between. April Fair of Catalonia is a traditional spring festival which is originated in Andalusia. The original “Feria de abril de Sevilla” is one of the largest festivals in Sevilla and dates back to 1847. Here, in Barcelona, we can see a smaller version of it, but still, it is enough to get a good taste of Spanish spirit.  It was so interesting to get a glimpse of the colorful, loud and playful world, that is completely different from everything I’ve used to see in Latvia. It not only entertained me, but also got me to thinking about how traditions and our attitude towards life make up our personalities. I am a very proud Latvian and wouldn’t change it to anything, but I believe there some useful qualities we could learn from Spanish colourful character and lifestyle. Here are a few I’ve noticed in last 6 months living here!



I come from a country where silence is considered gold and appropriate answer to everything. In Spain, however, keeping quiet seems almost impolite. It’s funny to see how people can be completely reverse. Spanish don’t hold in their emotions, they are outspoken, energetic and emotional, without being rude or too pushy. Although, some things are better left unsaid, it surely isn’t healthy to keep everything to yourself. As long these are good, honest and positive emotions, there’s no reason to hold back anything.


I believe it has to do with the fact that sunshine here is as natural as a glass of wine with lunch, but Spanish people seem very satisfied with life. Only now, living in such a sunny environment, I can evaluate how hugely weather impacts our mood. When grey days occur so rarely I immediately feel the lack of positive energy that sun naturally provides. That explains a lot, but, I’ve also learned that we shouldn’t blame anything on weather. Especially our bad mood or laziness. Even if it is grey and rainy, it doesn’t mean we have to put our grumpy faces on. Maybe it’s harder to see, but life still remains as joyful, we just have to push ourselves a little bit more!


It’s one thing that can’t be left unnoticed. From bright blue sea, to blooming green parks, surprisingly colorful architecture, fashion and street style. Colours make this city alive, fun and interesting even on the most grey days. Thanks to the incredible amount of street art, inspiration is anywhere you turn your eyes. By introducing some colour into our own interiors or clothing, we can bring a little Spanish vitality in our life, no matter where we live.


I don’t know if “relaxed and easy-going” can be referable to Spanish typical character, but at least that is the vibe I’m personally feeling here. It also makes me want to be spontaneous from time to time and stop thinking about what other people think.  If you want to dance – dance, if you feel like singing – do that. Isn’t that whats life is really about? Living in the exact moment and trying to make it fun, enjoyable and worth remembering. At least for five minutes a day,  just be your true self and let go.


The weather was perfect when we went the festival, so I finally got to wear something summer appropriate and festive. I think this is the only occasion when I would wear a dress like this, so I enjoyed it to the fullest. I emphasised the hippy spirit with a mix of ethnic bracelets which I paired with my Destiny bracelet. And finally I could wear my feather necklace with a white, airy dress as I  had imagined months ago. Most importantly, I had fun and felt comfortable in my own skin.  In the end of this post I want to say huge thanks to my dear other half, who always supports me and makes an effort to take a billion photos of me. I think he is doing great,  hope you like it too!

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I hope you enjoyed my post, thank you for all your comments!

Love. Agnese

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