21 April 2016


English – These photos happened yesterday, without any prior arrangements or preparations. We were having a casual stroll around our neighborhood and I was telling my boyfriend how I find it hard figuring out my next “blogging step”. Should I do this as a hobby or should I devote all myself to making a successful career out of it. Or should I just relax and let time show me the right path? Aren’t there days like that for everyone? Moments when you feel kind of lost in your own little world and nothing seems to make any sense.

Just a second after our conversation I saw this bright, inspiring street art and could not pass it by without taking a photo or two (ok,it was more than two..hahah). My little lesson of the day – always keep your eyes wide open..you never know what’s around the next corner. As I honestly believe in destiny and signs like this, it’s just another reminder that small things can make a difference and they always happen at the most random moments. What about you? Are your eyes open for inspiration? Do you believe that clues can guide us in the right path and do you rely on your own destiny?

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Agnese xx

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  • ADOREEEE that denim jacket girl! I recently bought one whilst I was in LA and haven’t had the chance to wear it yet but you look soooooo casual chic <3

    Sending you love from Sydney! x

    I've recently written about crossing off Ik Kil Cenote from my bucket list in Mexico and would love to hear your thoughts on my post hun!

    Helen x

  • Mi look favorito sin dudas!

  • I absolutely love that casual and cool look! The denimjacket is sooo dope and the whole location is just awesome! <3
    XO :)

  • taniaatthelondonthing

    I’m obsessed with this jacket! Great outfit in total x


  • Your outfit looks great on you and I love the location you chose!


  • totally understand you! I have been questining myself why should i keep it going, u look great! love your denim jacket

    • Thank you! I’m very happy to hear that!