31 March 2016


Hi, guys! Lately I’m devoting all my working time for an interior design project. I love it very much and will share in a few months, but today I decided to give myself an hour off that and share with you this beautiful bit of happiness, which is one of my latest obsessions. Let me introduce you to my lovely destiny bracelet!

I have mentioned before that when I choose jewellery,  I appreciate pieces that are light and minimal yet have something very special and captivating in them. This bracelet combines it all and even more! It has such a delicate and fine design that I can’t even feel it on my wrist. It’s a subtle, airy, golden beauty with a magical logo that is definitely my favourite part of it!

I have always valued things that have deeper meaning and story behind them. That is why I love putting on my bracelet so much. It reminds me, that just like those flowing lines wind together and create a never-ending symbol, also in life everything will fall into the right place eventually. You just have to go with the flow, believe your destiny and let life create these magical things for you!

Do you love it too? Shop for it here and REMEMBER to use my special promo code – AGNESE10. It guarantees you 10% off every jewellery piece from Audaviv boutique. Treat yourself!

 destiny_5 destiny destinydestiny

See you soon! Agnese xx

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