8 January 2016


It wouldn’t be fair to complain about weather in Barcelona. Knowing that my friends and family have to bear going out in -15 degrees, this chilly seabreeze and +16 is not so bad after all. But for always-freezing-me, even this winter friendly January can get a bit unpleasant. In other words – its time to change that leather jacket into something big, soft and warming coat.

I am so tired of words that sound like “fluffy”, “cosy” and “comfy”, that I exclude them from this post on purpose. Yes, this coat is unbelievably soft and felt like pajamas. I caught myself thinking I would rather wear it as a robe than coat, but that’s it, no more praising.

I have noticed that a lot of bloggers choose these type of coats in multicoloured option, but that is just not for me. Black ones are. But not to repeat myself again, I focused on navy blue this time, that is actually the perfect alternative for black. I would especially recommend this deep and saturated shade of blue for blondes and brunettes – it really brings out the natural golden tones in our hair.

So, if you want to transform in a Teddy Bear at least for one day, shop below. I picked some good options, and they happen to be on SALE.

IMG_5171 copy

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IMG_5138 copy copy



Click on the images to shop :

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