EN – Lately I’ve been obsessed with Aquazzura shoe brand (YES, me too) ! They are one of the most popular brands among fashion bloggers and it’s hard NOT to notice the lace-up shoe attack on Instagram. I have nothing bad to say about this trend, I think Aquazzura design the most exquisite footwear, from high heeled sandals, to over […]

Carine Roitfeld for UNIQLO


    If you have not noticed yet – today is the day that Carine Roitfeld’s collaboration with Uniqlo hits the stores. As I am a huge admirer of her fashion sense and chic taste (I know for sure I’m not the only one), I was really looking forward to see how this collection will present itself. […]

Birthday in Paris.


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Follow Birthdays ARE a big deal and I will not pretend that growing up has made me less excited about them. I love all the attention, sweet and funny birthday wishes from friends, and I hope that grandma competition “the most early call possible” never ends. However, there is one thing that […]


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // I admire black. In my world, black is the most elegant, chic and sensuous colour from them all. There was a time in my life, when I had only black clothes and accessories in my closet, listened to Placebo, Nirvana and Johnny Cash and was living the big teenager crisis.. :) Now, when I am in […]

September in Paris.

//Paris looks good in everything. I mean, Paris is as beautiful in summer, as it is in winter or fall. Every season has it’s pros and cons, but fall, for me, is one the most favourite ones.  I  love the colour palette that suits autumn weather –  dark, saturated and rich colours,interesting textures and different layers. This is […]

Five at Vest


//Pēdējo četru, piecu gadu laikā Rīga ir kļuvusi par īstu restorānu lielvalsti un daudzu gardēžu galamērķi. Nebaidos teikt, ka restorānu kultūra šobrīd mums ir ļoti augstā līmenī, un, mēs, rīdzinieki patiešām varam priecāties par tradicionālās virtuves atdzimšanu modernā valodā. Daudzos jaunajos Rīgas restorānos varam baudīt ne tikai pasaules līmeņa maltītes, bet arī skaistu, unikālu un […]

Cosy Monday

I now it’s Monday morning and I should be posting motivating pictures or morning workout inspiration, but all I can think about is things that cheer me up in dark and rainy days like this. Wouldn’t it be nice to roll up in a big soft cardigan, read your favourite book all day and enjoy a […]

September first.

It was the 1st of September when I wore this and it was also the was first time I went outside wearing my new hat. I have to admit that such a small change like adding a hat to your outfit can really make a big change. Women always say that wearing heels make them […]