beach life

One of past Sundays instead of eating our weekly brunch on the balcony we chose to enjoy a nice breakfast with a beautiful sea view. The fact that we had family over was another reason to go out and explore our nearby cafes. I have always dreamed about living next to sea or ocean. It’s so simple – water […]



Metallics have never been so IN as they are now. Having gold and silver details in our jewellery seems so common, but what about more? Would you wear shiny dress, skirt or jacket? If you want to try this trend, but wearing otstanding metallics head to toe feels too striking for you, start with a pair of silver shoes. This season spoils […]



English – These photos happened yesterday, without any prior arrangements or preparations. We were having a casual stroll around our neighborhood and I was telling my boyfriend how I find it hard figuring out my next “blogging step”. Should I do this as a hobby or should I devote all myself to making a successful career out of it. Or should […]


IMG_8281 (1)

This week my dressing regime has become very careless and fast. Thanks to my latest favourite find – sleeveless summer coat, I don’t have to spend any extra morning minute to complete my outfit.As much as I love to pull myself together and work on the perfect look, it’s not so often when I have time to do that. Some mornings […]



ENGLISH – Red is special. Colour that is so energetic, strong and feminine like no other. It’s also a colour that symbolises love and even more passion. My personal relations with this colour are special indeed. It’s obviously not the most popular colour tone in my wardrobe, but I still couldn’t live completely without it. I often choose […]


sunday bed

What could be a better way to spend your Sunday than this?  Staying in bed late, having a cup of coffee while browsing your favourite magazines and not worrying about a thing. Believe me or not, but I used not to love Sundays. I couldn’t stand the feeling of living one day at a slower pace and […]

Parc de la Ciutadella

Parc de la Ciutadella

This week was so great! Skiing non stop for six days was exhausting for the body, but very refreshing for the mind. I even forgot my phone one day and I realised I hadn’t had a moment like that for months. That one day off everything is invaluable. Isn’t it crazy that we have to force ourselves to […]


black bomber

January and February are always those two months that pass incredibly quickly. It seems like they just disappear somewhere and it’s suddenly spring again. I can’t believe it’s almost the middle of March and only few months left till summer. All week I felt so exhausted and sleepy..really start to feel the negative impact of working till […]