September first.

It was the 1st of September when I wore this and it was also the was first time I went outside wearing my new hat. I have to admit that such a small change like adding a hat to your outfit can really make a big change. Women always say that wearing heels make them […]

Luxury VS Affordable

  Yesterday I was doing some online window shopping and searching for fall style inspiration and I came up to these Halogen “Olsen” Pointy Toe Studded flats at Nordstrom – look here. Don’t they remind You of something? :) I think they are the affordable version of Valentino Rokckstuds. They come in different shades as black, blue, […]

Go for Gray

I started to love grey colour about two years ago. When working on my interior projects and also when searching for some fashion inspiration and tips, I noticed that grey is one of the colours that feels natural to my style and personality. As one of the safest background colors, it sets the tone and […]

Jeans + silver

// I love having at least one pair of perfectly fitting jeans, but I would always find a free space in my closet for some more :)  Jeans are so perfect, because they are easy to accessorise, comfortable and practical to wear. And every season surprises us with new or forgotten colours and shapes of […]