Go for Gray

30 August 2015

I started to love grey colour about two years ago. When working on my interior projects and also when searching for some fashion inspiration and tips, I noticed that grey is one of the colours that feels natural to my style and personality. As one of the safest background colors, it sets the tone and adds strong character to the whole picture. Also, it is interesting to see how other colors react and change by the gray rules.

I love that special feeling and aura that gray color can easily arouse. Elegant, clean, sophisticated and self-sufficient. And the best part is…it goes together with almost any other colour you can imagine.

Here will be my latest gray favourites in interior and fashion. Hope You will be inspired by this.. :)

Look for items in the picture here :

//1.Leather rug – here // 2.Lamp – here // 3. Tableware – here // 4. Table – here //

More gray home & fashion items – click on the images below :)





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