2 days to go

8 October 2015


For a while now, my blog has been a little too quiet, I know. Past week has been very busy with work, not to mention we are moving  in two days and have to pack everything. It feels like it is the right time to move away from Riga, although this is and always will be my dear home, autumn and winter are not the nicest things to experience in Latvia. Cold windy mornings and dark, somber evenings have always been like a survival for me and for my ice-cold feet as well.  I have to admit.. it feels really good to leave my clumsy winter clothes hidden deep in the closet.. :)

In 2 weeks we will be moving in our Barcelona apartment and I will have a LOOT of new adventures, experiences and pictures to share with you..

But for now enjoy my current mood board and get inspired to plan your next special holiday :)

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